Welcome to Cutec Cosmetics Company.

A fast growing company in Egypt and GULF region in the field of derma cosmetics and aesthetic products.

Our Mission:

Providing plastic surgeons and dermatologists with the latest global technologies in the fields of derma cosmetics and aesthetic products and devices that endow them to reach the transcendent results their clients are always looking up to.

Our Vision:

To become always the primary selection for plastic surgeons and dermatologists in Egypt, GULF region and Middle East.

About Us:

Cutec Cosmetics, established in 2015, is specialized of the derma cosmetics and aesthetic products. Cutec Cosmetics has started in Egypt and UAE, and now after being in the market for four years, we gladly have sub distributors and representative companies numerous countries in the region, such as Kuwait, Iraq, Bahrain, Oman and Saudi Arabia. We have good relations with dermatologists and plastic surgeons.