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SURTRON TOUCH PLASMA combines the properties of Argon and radio frequency to heat the tissue, achieving "a radical tightening of the tissues", thus achieving the desired smooth and firm skin and avoiding sagging.

-How does it work?

The energy is transmitted from the generator to the tip of the electrode and

comes into contact with the ionized argon plasma, generating controlled thermal

heat in the area where it is applied with minimal thermal diffusion.

-Why Argon?

Argon Gas is a safe gas, with low dielectric resistance, therefore it ionizes quickly, is inert, non-flammable and non-poisonous. colorless and odorless

Near-Instantaneous Cooling: Unconverted gas flows through the tissue

preventing unwanted thermal effects and keeping deep planes intact.

Greater precision and without direct contact with the tissue to be treated, since the ionized Argon plasma expands and achieves more homogeneous, fast and easy results.

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