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Motiva’s silicone gel breast implants come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and profiles for a customized look. Made by Establishment Labs, Motiva implants have been in commercial use since 2010. Over that time, well over half a million women have been implanted with them. 

There are several types of Motiva implants, all of which are available in a variety of implant sizes and dimensions. 

  • Motiva Ergonomix implants are round, with a TrueMonobloc shell that's filled with a silicone gel called ProgressiveGel Ultima that’s “extremely soft,” says Manchester, England-based plastic surgeon Dr. James Murphy. This gel mimics an anatomical, teardrop-shaped implant when upright, but with a bit more upper-pole fullness (in the upper part of the breast). 

  • Motiva Ergonomix2 implants, available only through the new Joy by Motiva program, feature a shell composition known as TrueMonobloc+ and an improved SuperSilicones gel, to provide an extra-soft feel, ergonomic movement, and a natural look. They also come with a sterile sleeve that allows the surgeon to insert the implant through a smaller incision, to minimize the scar. Sterile insertion sleeves have gained popularity because they've also been shown to reduce the risk of capsular contracture

  • Motiva Round implants provide more upper-pole fullness. They contain a silicone gel that the manufacturer calls ProgressiveGel Plus, which Dr. Murphy says provides a firmer result.

  • Motiva Anatomical TrueFixation implants have a teardrop shape, to mimic the natural breast shape. They're also filled with a ProgressiveGel Plus silicone gel, which provides just enough firmness to be "rotation resistant." 

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